About us

About us

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself” (David Mitchell)

Languageschoolz.com has been brought to life by us, Andie and Phil,  two “free spirits” who found each other, not surprisingly, away from home and on the road to finding freedom, wisdom and adventures.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul!” (Charlemagne)

So far we speak four languages and have enjoyed teaching some of them while we’ve travelled the world. The locals we met along the way were our biggest source of inspiration, with their unconditional hospitality, patience and geniality they have never let us down. The memories we share with these, our friends from different countries and the language they taught us will be treasured in our minds forever.

With our website we would like to give you guidance and help you find access to this way of not only learning or improving a foreign language, but getting to know the real life, to taste the food, to feel the rhythms and become a part of the culture you are choosing to experience.

We want to give you a good overview of locations, activities and teachers offered by language schools and provide you with useful tools for your pre-travel planning, so you can explore what ever suits bests your personality and dreams for the most amazing language travels ever!

We love language travels!

Andie & Phil

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