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Argentina – Buenos Aires / Expanish

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Spanish school Buenos Aires – Expanish

This incredibly modern & stylish school is setting a statement with its thoroughly designed spaces, located in one of the renovated historical buildings of central Buenos Aires. What’s more, underneath the cosmetic glamour lies a true gem, that bases its ‘close to real life’ teaching method on a solid academic framework, quality staff and exciting free time activity offers. The school’s effort to provide their students with a total immersion experience has earned them the “Best Spanish Language school” – STAR award in 2012 by the Study Travel Magazine.


Expanish uses a communicative approach and focuses on student-centered teaching. All of the programs offered by EXPANISH are aligned with and based on the Cervantes Institute. The curriculum and teaching plans are framed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Communicative Method: Speaking and interaction during the class is encouraged and forms a fundamental part of the learning process, subjects of Argentina’s culture, news & issues of the students’ interest are being picked as central themes of conversation. The lessons resemble a balanced approach to obtain the 4 key language skills: speaking, writing, reading, listening


20 group lessons per week, interactive group, complete immersion including grammar, reading, writing, speaking, listening, 6 students on average (max. 12 students), real-life materials, Levels beginner to advanced.

US$ 210 per week 


30 group lessons per week: 20 hours of group classes in the morning and 10 hours of group classes in the afternoon, incl. conversation & interactive activities. Listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary are all covered within the program. For all levels.

US$ 285 per week 


20 group lessons plus 4, 6 or 10 private lessons per week: This combination allows for a more rapid and effective fluency development. Students will have the opportunity to not only encourage interaction and communication skills in a group environment but also benefit from the undivided attention and personalized feedback that is only possible in a One-to-One environment. For all levels.

US$ 310 per week (20+4)/ US$375 per week (20+6)/ US$475 per week (20+10)


20 lessons of regular Intensive group course and 4 Latin American Cultural Classes: Students can learn about the most important cultural aspects of South America through an academic analysis of the region’s culture. Analysis and study of art, literature, history, and traditions of the region. Recommended level: A2 or higher.

US$ 310 per week


20 regular group lessons and 4 Individual classes of business Spanish: In order to aid students within the business environment Expanish offers Business Spanish courses that are specifically designed for each student. The combination of group and individual will allow students to improve their Spanish skills in the social environment of a group and then have two business Spanish classes to focus on Spanish for professional purposes. Based on the Spanish that is used everyday in a Spanish-speaking professional environment. Modules: “Business Trip, Important Meeting, Job Search, Company”. Recommended level: A2 or higher.

US$ 310 per week


20 regular group lessons and 4 Individual classes of medical Spanish: To aid in their professional development within the health care field, this allows students to become comfortable communicating with Spanish-speaking patients and colleagues. Modules: “medical consultation in Spanish, Medical Vocabulary, medical conference”. Recommended level: A2 or higher.

US$ 310 per week


One to One Spanish classes are specifically designed to meet each students unique needs. These classes enable students to work at their own pace and to confidently develop their Spanish language skills. Mornings or Afternoons, min. 2 hours, for all levels, any weekday.

US$ 35 per hour/ US$295 for 10 hours/ US$550 for 20 hours


2 hour modules – group lessons, each day/module is devoted to a different theme. For people who want to learn basic Spanish quickly in order to get by in a Spanish-speaking country. Bite-size and interactive classes that provide students with the words and phrases needed to survive every day situations. Classes are organized upon request, whether you are a solo traveller, a couple of friends or a group. 5 modules to choose from. Min. 1 day – max. 5 days. Level: Beginners. Afternoon lessons. Average number of students: 6.

Modules: Monday – Eat, Drink and Practice your Spanish / Tuesday – Shop til you Drop and do it in Spanish / Wednesday – On the move, travel in Spanish / Thursday – Everyday Fundamentals, Ask for it in Spanish / Friday -Making Friends and Socializing in Spanish

US$ 60 per module


10 Private lessons for “Spanish as a foreign language Diploma” – examination according to your exam level, Expanish offers tailor made courses in order to prepare students for the DELE exam. These courses will enable students to take their exams with confidence. 

US$ 295 for 10 hours

Check DELE exam dates, centres & fees at Instituto Cervantes …

*DELE exam applications have to be performed by the student individually at the Instituto Cervantes 


20 group lessons per week + 10 hours of shadowing in 2nd week. For non-native Spanish teachers, to update skills & refine difficult grammatical & conversational issues combined with cultural studies.  Min. level is C1 (CEFR). Next course dates: 17 – 28 July 2017.

US$ 590 for 2 weeks 


Bespoke Spanish classes for local companies to train their foreign employees. We work with small businesses, multinational companies, non-profit organizations and foreign embassies to help their expatriated staff integrate by learning Spanish. We are able to organize classes according to the specific needs of each employee. They can be intensive courses to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time or just a few hours a week. Group or individual classes are available at flexible times during the week, which allows the school to cater the classes to busy work schedules. The class can focus on Spanish grammar and conversation and/or use customised content for business language for a specific area like marketing, finance, or human resources. Evaluations in the form of periodic formal or informal exams and progress reports can be included.



The program includes 20 hours of group Spanish classes per week, orientation session, academic tutoring every two weeks, housing (if selected), airport pickup and a university transcript.

Short term 1 month: 4weeks – 8 credits – US$ 2165 Homestay city –  US$ 1765 Shared Apartment – US$ 985 no Housing

Short term 2 months: 8 weeks –  16 credits – US$ 4185 Homestay city – US$ 3385 Shared Apartment – US$ 1825 no Housing

Quarter Program: 12 weeks – 24 credits – US$ 5965 Homestay city – US$ 4765 Shared Apartment – US$ 2425 no Housing

Semester Program: 16 weeks – 32 credits – US$ 7905 Homestay city  US$ 6305 Shared Apartment –  US$ 3185 no Housing

Semester Plus Program: 20 weeks – 40 credits – US$ 9845 Homestay city –  US$ 7845 Shared Apartment – US$ 3945 no Housing


Expanish is accredited by: ALTO, SEA, CONADE, DAAD, CEF & BILDUNGSURLAUB (specific regions only)




Interaction with family, Breakfast & Dinner, private bedroom or double room – shared with a friend, shared living space, internet connection, towels & sheets, weekly cleaning, within 40 min commute, in pleasant & safe neighbourhoods.

US$295 (Single) / US$275 (Double) per week


Interaction with family, Breakfast & Dinner, private room or double room – shared with a friend, private bathroom, shared living space, WIFI guaranteed, towels & sheets, daily cleaning, within 40 min commute,in pleasant & safe neighbourhoods

US$385 (Single) / US$347 (Double) per week


Experience of local living, affordable & independent accommodation, private bedroom or double room – shared with a friend, shared living space, internet connection, towels & sheets, within 40 min commute, in pleasant & safe neighbourhoods

US$195 (Single) / US$145 (Double) per week


Communal living with Argentinean & international students, large residence, shared double room (with another assigned student*), shared bathroom, shared living space, towels & sheets, lockers, WIFI & computers, daily cleaning & breakfast on weekdays, microwave or additional meal plans available (no kitchen), terrace, garden, study space, check in Sundays/ check out Saturdays, max 40 min from school

approx. US$195 per week 


For complete independence, flexible location, size, amenities depending on budget, fully furnished, no meals, arranged via local state agent

approx. US$350 per week

Special Packages

  • Intensive Spanish 20
  • Group Tango Class 
  • Individual Tango Class

US$ 285 per week

  • Intensive Spanish 20
  • Homestay with Full-board
  • Group Airport return transfers
  • 5 Activities per Week

US$ 750 per week, per person*

[This sample rate is based on a group of 10 students + 1 team leader]

Buenos Aires – info

The city’s rich cultural heritage is hugely reflected in its architecture, urban vibe & dances: did you know that the Tango was born in this metropolis? Thanks to its locals, called Porteños, it is known to be an incredibly vibrant & sociable city.

Buenos Aires is situated on one side of the largest estuary in the world, the “Rio de la Plata” and has gained lots of importance during the industrial revolution, exporting goods, such as the famous beef. European immigration brought with it a significant population growth & wealth.

One of the many sights worth visiting is the Casa Rosada at the Plaza de Mayo: the pink villa where the Argentine president resides, also known for Evita Peróns famous resignation speech on the balcony.

Things to do in Buenos Aires: 

Malba: This museum of Latin-American art exhibits paintings by artists such as Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera as well as modernist abstraction, film screenings & literature courses – profound!

La Boca: Stroll through this charming neighbourhood, built by Italian immigrants with its cobbled streets & colourful houses along the ‘Caminito’ sidewalk.

Niceto: Join the city’s nightlife at this trendy club and bounce with the Latin infused electronic vibes.

Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur: An impressive natural reserve in the south of Buenos Aires, offering plenty of wildlife to watch surrounded by lakes & parkland along the ‘Rio de la Plata’ – the perfect place to rejuvenate from the cities’ hustle & bustle.

Recoleta Cemetery: For a relaxed walk through history – here you can find the eternal home of Argentinas grand political figures like Evita Perón as well as impressive mausoleums & sculptures of many styles & eras.


Get international work experience with an internship in the city. Starting any Monday. Commitment: Most interns work 20 hours per week. Spanish Level: None, but if no Spanish is spoken, then English must be a proficient level. Spanish Classes: Not required, but highly recommended. 

Placement areas: Engineering, Hospitality & Tourism, Medicine, Non-Profit Sector, Journalism, IT & Computer, Science, Marketing, Environment & Conservation, Law, Art & Design, Business, Education & Teaching. Placement for 8 to 24 weeks.

Preselected placement US$ 590 

Bespoke placement US$ 1295

What students said about Expanish

Expanish has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I always felt very comfortable coming here. The classes with Analía were excellent! Her knowledge of the language is vast and her explanations very clear and thorough. (Jessy Tuddenham, USA)

What an amazing experience to come to such an energetic city to learn Spanish! Every day after class was another excuse to practice what we had learned. This was a once in a lifetime trip! I only wish I could stay longer. (Cara, France)

The staff at Expanish are probably the nicest people in the world-you won´t find a better collection of people anywhere else in South America. (Charlie Pearmund, UK)


The school offers weekly activities to their students to find out more about Argentinean culture and also to give you the chance to use and improve your Spanish outside of a school environment.  

Activities can be: Latin American movies, Salsa & Tango classes, excursions to the  city centre and other cultural tours.

There are also additional paid day and weekend trips you can join: e.g. an outing to a traditional ‘Estancia’ to see the gaucho way of life, an adventure in Iguazu Falls, wine tasting in Mendoza and a day-trip to neighboring Uruguay. 

A group tango class at a local dance studio/school

US$15 for 1.5 hours





A private tango class at a local dance studio/school

US$60 for 1 hour



A trip to a local ranch to ride horses and eat a barbecue

US$140 for 8 hours



A wine tasting event featuring Argentine wine varieties

US$55 for 2 hours



A group salsa class at a local dance studio/school

US$15 for 1.5 hours



A cooking class to make typical Argentine dishes

US$100 for 3 hours



A photography class while exploring a neighborhood.

US$30 for 4 hours



A bike tour of one neighborhood of the city

US$35 for 3 hours



Play in a fútbol game with Argentines and foreigners.

US$10 for 1 hour



A traditional tango show with wine and dinner.

US$110 for 2.5 hours



A walking tour featuring the graffiti art of Buenos Aires

US$30 for 2.5 hours



Volunteering Programs  

  • Expanish offers students the option of volunteering while taking classes 
  • All volunteers need to take 2 weeks of Spanish group classes beforehand
  • Opportunities available for beginner Spanish speakers (min.s of Intensive Spanish)
  • Max. commute of 2 hours from Expanish School
  • Volunteers can expect to work an average of 15 hours per week (more available if required)
  • Start dates available throughout the year. 
  • Min. 1 month commitment required for volunteering and Intensive Spanish Course
  • Min. age of 18. 
  • Placement duration: 2 weeks to 24 weeks

US$95 (Placement Fee) + US$100 (Volunteer Donation) + Intensive Course 

Volunteers will have the chance to volunteer in various schools, educational facilities and centers helping educate youths and adults in Buenos Aires.

Possible tasks:

English Study SessionsTeaching EnglishAssisting local teachers with lessons (grammar, conversation, etc.)Preparation of classesHelp with English homeworkReading English booksEducational workshopsGames and activities

This program is aimed at improving the overall quality of life of the underprivileged youth in Buenos Aires. Volunteers will be working closely with children to better their day-to-day lives and living environment.

Possible tasks:

Assist in daily tasks, Help children with regular school work, Give English/ Spanish classes, Spend quality time with children, Study sessions, Conversation time, Playing / sports, Educational workshops, Information about safety, Basic education classes (examples include hygiene, nutrition and safety), Games & activities, Preparation of daily snack or meals

The Volunteering with Senior citizens programs offers participating volunteers the chance to work directly with senior citizens.

Possible tasks:

Play board games with the seniors, Help in the kitchen, Help serving meals, Organization of the donations, Assistance in the library, Conversation, Make crosswords with them, Help them with their exercise

Our Volunteering in the community programs see volunteers working with locals to provide support and friendship.

Possible tasks:

Provide daily assistance to local residents, Receive and organize shipments (food, clothing, supplies), Spend quality time with residents, Assist in health and safety workshops, Preparing meals / working in the kitchen, Cleaning / tidying, Participate in activities, Reading to people, Providing a friendly face / support, Recreational activities

Intensive courses start on Mondays. Group lessons take 50 min. Individual lessons take 55 min. Min Age: 16. Students aged 16 and 17 must book Homestay City and Airport Pickup. For bookings of 10 weeks or longer, the school grants a discount of US$20 per week for Intensive classes. 

Expanish will close for Argentine Public Holidays & offers a reduced amount of optional extra classes. 

This school has disability access. 

Expanish will ask for a copy of your mandatory travel insurance policy.

Expanish – Registration fee: US$75 – including Course Material, Welcome Pack, Orientation Session and Walking Tour, Free Access to Wi-Fi and Computers, Cultural and Social Activities, 24/7 Emergency Line, Course Certificate, Student Benefit Card

Getting here

Aeropuerto International Ezeiza, 38 min drive from school, 34km (pick up service on request: US$70)

Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport, 22 min drive from school, 8,5km (Pick up service on request: US$35)

Retiro Station, 7 min drive from school, 1.8km

Retiro Station, 7 min drive from school, 1.8km

Leandro N. Alem (linea B), 2 min walk from school, 180m

To book your Spanish course with this language school, please fill in the form below and press the submit button. Expanish Buenos Aires will be in touch shortly.

Once the school has processed your information they will send you a confirmation email and program invoice along with more information to help you prepare for your trip. Once the school receives your payment, your place in the program will be reserved.

Expanish - booking form
*The Double room at San Telmo Student residence will be shared with another assigned student of the same gender
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