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Ecuador – Galapagos Travelling Classroom / ISE

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Galapagos – ‘The Secret of Evolution’ – 15 days Travelling Classroom Instituto Superior de Español

If you’d love to explore active volcanoes, swim with sea turtles, discover  unique flora & fauna on a pacific archipelago come National Park and return back home with good Spanish language skills, the most stunning selfies and a huge smile on your face – then this is the adventure for you. You will travel with a qualified Spanish teacher and explore 4 of the most amazingly beautiful Galapagos Islands, whilst being accommodated at cozy hotels & of course becoming more fluent in the local Spanish language. Can you think of a more fantastic way to wipe away the bustle of daily life in a blink of an eye?

Travelling Classroom

No time for a sabbatical? No worries: This innovative type of language travel allows you to completely maximise your time at your chosen destination. You will study Spanish whilst doing adventurous activities out in nature and learning about local culture & history ‘on the move’ accompanied by an experienced Spanish teacher.

You really get to explore nature, see the most iconic sights & get the opportunity to mix with the local people whilst upgrading your Spanish language skills, all in just 1 to 3 weeks. The total immersion programs include pre-arranged accommodation & transport so you will be free to focus on what matters most – new experiences, Spanish & a good portion of fun.

From relaxing in the natural thermal springs of ‘Baños’ to hiking up Andean volcanoes or canoeing along the Amazon Jungle: You can single out your favourite ‘once in a lifetime experience’ or choose a combination of them all!

Other Travelling Classroom Programs:

Coming up soon: 

  • ‘Walking through the Andes’ – 12 days
  • ‘Andes/ Amazon Jungle’ – 7 or 12 days
What’s included?

Accomodation: 15 days/14 nights in a comfy hotel/hostel at San Cristobal, Santa Cruz & Isabela Island, including breakfast

Spanish classes: 40 group lessons [30 lessons formal face to face Spanish classes plus 10 hours of practice during your daily trips with your Spanish teacher]

Activities: Excursions as listed below

Transfers: Public transportation on the Galapagos Islands included

Internet: WIFI at your accommodation

Not included:

Round-trip flight ticket to Galapagos, Galapagos National Park entrance fee, enrolment fee, lunches & dinners

Travel-dates 2018:

Sat 20th January till Sat 3rd February or

Sat 17th March till Sat 31st March

Sat 5th May till Sat 19th May

Sat 23rd June till Sat 17th July

Sat 18th August till Sat 1st September

Sat 6th October till Sat 20th October

Sat 24th November till Sat 8th December 



Day 1

Arrival to Cristobal Island

  • Arrive at San Cristobal Island
  • Time to try some fresh seafood
  • Spanish lessons in the afternoon
  • Time to relax, stroll & explore town

Day 2

Snorkelling in La Loberia  

  • Spanish lessons in the morning
  • Time for a light lunch
  • Trip to ‘La Loberia’ to go snorkelling – discover marine turtles & sea lions

Day 3

Tour 360 º at San Cristobal – one of most popular daily tours in Galapagos

  • Delicious breakfast
  • Day tour of San Cristobal Island
  • Take time to watch the distinctive wildlife, snorkel & swim next to sea turtles & sharks 
  • Dinner time

Day 4

Interpretation center – Cerro Tijeras 

  • Healthy breakfast
  • Spanish classes
  • Interpretation Center of San Cristobal: Learn about the Islands’ origin & conservation culture  
  • Haver your dinner & pack your suitcase for your next island destination

Day 5

Boat journey to Santa Cruz Island

  • Early breakfast 
  • Boat tour to Santa Cruz – try & spot the dolphins!
  • Afternoon Spanish lessons 
  • Time to relax & explore (sunsets here can be rather nice, so we’ve heard)


Day 6

Charles Darwin Research Station

  • Breakfast
  • Spanish lessons
  • Charles Darwin Research Station: learn more about the archipelago and visit Giant Tortoise enclosures
  • Try some fresh fish for dinner along the boardwalk at Puerto Ayora

Day 7

White beach of Tortuga Bay – flora and fauna

  • Breakfast
  • Spanish lessons
  • Day out in nature at the white sandy beaches of Tortuga Bay
  • From your canoe watch tortoises, marine iguanas, tropical birds, beautiful plants & cacti

Day 8

Santa Cruz volcano 

  • Breakfast
  • Spanish lessons
  • Walk up to the extinct volcano of Santa Cruz, see lava tunnels & enjoy stunning sea views
  • Have your dinner in Puerto Ayora 

Day 9

Boat trip to Bartholomew Island

  • Full day boat trip to Pinnacle Rock at Bartholomew Island
  • Enjoy the 360-degree panoramic views & perfect photo backdrop
  • Snorkel in the beautiful waters of this unassuming island

Day 10

Spanish studies – next destination Isabela Island

  • Breakfast
  • Spanish lessons in the morning
  • Time for lunch
  • Boat trip to our next destination Isabela Island, largest of the Galapagos islands
  • Time to settle in & find wildlife as well as extraordinary plants 

Day 11

Muro de las Lágrimas 

  • Breakfast  
  • Spanish lessons in the morning
  • Trip to the Muro de Lágrimas, learn about the history of colonisation at this thought-provoking landmark

Day 12

Snorkel & Relax at Puerto Villamil

  • Breakfast
  • Beach-day at Puerto Villamil
  • You will go snorkelling to discover unique fish & coral species of the underwater world, you might also spot sea turtles & sharks

Day 13

Hike to Sierra Negra volcano – spectacular lava cauldron

  • Breakfast
  • Exciting hike to the active Sierra Negra volcano & see its lava cauldron
  • Have a hearty dinner and take time to chill out

Day 14

Free time in Santa Cruz Island 

  • Breakfast
  • Boat-trip to Santa Cruz Island & journey back to Puerto Ayora
  • Free day to relax and do whatever you prefer, e.g. do some shopping, eat, drink & relax in the sun

Day 15

Journey back to mainland

  • Breakfast
  • Journey to Baltra Airport
  • Flight back to the mainland.

What students said about ISE: 

Amazing experience: very professional and dedicated teachers, friendly and helpful staff. (Ruta, Germany)

Being at ISE was incredible! I feel like I learned a lot and all of the teachers that I had were really wonderful. They all made for a wonderful experience, and made it easy to be excited about learning Spanish! (Natalia, USA)

Galapagos – info

Welcome to paradise! Internationally recognised as one of the top destinations for wildlife watching – the Galapagos Islands most certainly form a relaxed backdrop for your Spanish studies and even more so a unique playground for excursions discovering penguins, iguanas, turtles, mockingbirds, extraordinary plants & a breathtaking underwater world. The volcanic archipelago consisting of 18 main islands, 5 of which populated, is located about 1000km off the Ecuadorian coast and is renowned for its highly protected natural habitat, home to thousands of unique animal & plant species. The most famous visitor to the islands was without a doubt Charles Darwin in 1835, whose investigations here did contribute to the advancement of his famous ‘Theory of evolution by natural selection’. 


One time registration fee is $40. 

To participate in any of the ISE programs or courses, the student is required to organise their medical and life travel insurance and provide the school the necessary information for any case of emergency.

Group tour [2 to 6 students per Spanish teacher] or Private tour [additional costs: +25%]

If only 1 student has signed up for the same travel dates & level, the private tour rates apply!

Accommodation in a Single or Double room.

Getting here


Aeropuerto de San Cristobal, 5min drive, 1.2km from town centre (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno)


Aeropuerto de Baltra (on Baltra Island), 1h4min, 46.6km from Puerto Ayora/ Santa Cruz Island by bus & ferry  

Flights to the Galapagos Islands are departing mostly in the morning & evening from Guayaquil or Quito & take approx. 1.5h.

There are regular boats between the islands of Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela, Floreana and Baltra. Some of the uninhabited islands can be reached from Baltra and San Cristobal.

There is a small airline called EMETEBE, which offers connecting flights between islands: approx. $120 one-way.

To book your Travelling Classroom please fill in the form below and press ‘submit’. ISE will be in touch shortly. 

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