This is a list of all the available shortcodes included in the UltraSeven theme. You can create unlimited variations using them. You might also want to check out our shortcode plugin for more shortcodes like buttons or boxes For the WooCommerce shortcodes please refer to this page:

1.   [ci_slider posts="1,2,3"]

Creates a fancybox slideshow with your requested posts. The “posts” parameter accepts your post IDs.

Example use:

[ci_slider posts="80,82,78"]

2.   [ci_from_blog posts="" title="" columns=""]

Brings your latest articles. You can set a title if you wish and the number of articles to bring by the posts attribute (single integer). You can also specify in how many columns your posts will be listed in (single integer).

Example use:

From The Blog

All languageschoolz

Ecuador – Exploring Ecuador Travelling Classroom/ ISE

PROGRAM FROM $2499 for 19 days incl. accommodation & activities. This intensive round trip takes you to the most spectacular parts of mainland Ecuador: From Quito's Unesco World Heritage architecture to Indigenous communities in the mountains, from the countries highest Andean peak to the Amazonian Napo River. You won't find more diverse or stunning scenery to learn Spanish in, whether you are joining a small group or opt for private lessons with your 'travelling teacher'. Exciting activities, encounters with the locals & cosy hotels will round up your versatile exploration of Ecuador. 

All languageschoolz

Ecuador – Experience Travelling Classroom / ISE

PROGRAM FROM $2199 for 16 days incl. accommodation & activities. Fancy seeing one of the most beautiful cultures this planet has to offer? Add to that the stunning biodiversity of the Amazon jungle and the untouched charm of volcano lakes, snowy mountain peaks & raging waterfalls. Canoe in the Amazon basin and go horse back riding on the foot of an Andean lagoon, learn about Indigenous ceremonies and speak to the locals at one of the Indigenous arts & crafts markets. The ISE offers all that and more wrapped up in a journey that combines travel & intensive Spanish studies accompanied by your teacher & class mates. 

All languageschoolz

Ecuador – Galapagos Islands / ISE

PROGRAM FROM $1799 per week incl. accommodation & activities. Welcome to paradise! Internationally recognised as one of the top destinations for wildlife watching - the Galapagos Islands most certainly form a relaxed backdrop for your Spanish studies and even more so a unique playground for afternoon excursions discovering penguins, iguanas, turtles, mockingbirds, extraordinary plants & a breathtaking underwater world. The volcanic archipelago consisting of 18 main islands, 5 of which populated, is located about 1000km off the Ecuadorian coast and is renowned for its highly protected natural habitat, home to thousands of unique animal & plant species. The most famous visitor to the islands was without a doubt Charles Darwin in 1835, whose investigations here did contribute to the advancement of his famous 'Theory of evolution by natural selection'. The Instituto Superior de Español is making sure that you get to make the most of your stay offering Spanish lessons in the morning and exciting guided outdoor activities in the afternoon combined with comfortable hotel accommodation & a weekly boat trip. The 'Cruise' programs also encompass an intriguing 5 days boat tour, perfect for snorkelling, swimming and wildlife exploration.

All languageschoolz

Ecuador – Galapagos Travelling Classroom / ISE

PROGRAM FROM $3499 for 15 days incl. accommodation & activities. If you'd love to explore active volcanoes, swim with sea turtles, discover unique flora & fauna on an pacific archipelago come National Park and return back home with good Spanish language skills, the most stunning selfies and a huge smile on your face - then this is the adventure for you. You will travel with a qualified Spanish teacher and explore 4 of the most amazingly beautiful Galapagos Islands, whilst being accommodated at cozy hotels & of course becoming more fluent in the local Spanish language. Where not a more fantastic way to wipe away the bustle of daily life in a blink of an eye.
[ci_from_blog posts="4" columns="4" title="From The Blog"]

3.   [ci_row]content[/ci_row]

Used before and after every column (either for the [ci_column] shortocde or for use in WooCommerce product listing shortcodes.


<div class="row"> your content here </div>

Example use (bring the first 4 best selling products from your store in 4 columns):

[best_selling_products per_page=”4″ columns=”4″]
[ci_row][best_selling_products per_page=”4″ columns=”4″][/ci_row]


Important Notice: Always have ci_row wrapped around your WooCommerce product listing shortcodes. 

Nesting rows will need the use of [ci_row2] for level 2 rows and [ci_row3] for level 3 rows. It is important not to use [ci_row] a second time within itself as it will break the layout of your shortcodes. Example: [ci_row] [ci_row2] level 2 content [/ci_row2] [/ci_row]

4.   [ci_column span="four"]content[/ci_column]

Used to create columns. You can create any combinations you need having in mind that the theme uses a 12 column grid. This means that the span parameter will take the following values: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and a special value of five-col to create a 1/5th column.

Example use:

In pellentesque faucibus vestibulum. Nulla at nulla justo, eget luctus tortor. Nulla facilisi. Duis aliquet egestas purus in blandit. Curabitur vulputate, ligula lacinia scelerisque tempor, lacus lacus ornare ante, ac egestas est urna sit amet arcu. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Sed molestie augue sit.
In pellentesque faucibus vestibulum. Nulla at nulla justo, eget luctus tortor. Nulla facilisi. Duis aliquet egestas purus in blandit. Curabitur vulputate.
In pellentesque faucibus vestibulum. Nulla at nulla justo, eget luctus tortor. Nulla facilisi. Duis aliquet egestas purus in blandit. Curabitur vulputate.


[ci_row][ci_column span="six"] Your content here. [/ci_column][ci_column span="three"] Your content here.[/ci_column][ci_column span="three"] Your content here.[/ci_column]


Important Notice: Always use the [ci_row] when using the above shortcode.

5.   [ci_offer url="" title="" button_text=""] Text [/ci_offer]

Used to create boxes.

Example use:

Your Title Here

Your Content Will Go Here

Your Button Text Here
[ci_offer url="" title="Your Title Here" button_text="Your Button Text Here"]Your Content Will Go Here[/ci_offer]

6.   [ci_big_title]Your Title here[/ci_big_title]

Creates a fancy title.

Example use:

Latest News

[ci_big_title]Latest News[/ci_big_title]


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